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AL Twiste Wire and ACSR

  • AL Twiste Wire and ACSR
  • AL Twiste Wire and ACSR

AL Twiste Wire and ACSR

1. Product Standard

GB/T 1179-2008, equivalent adoption of IEC61089-1997.

2. Usage

The product is suitable for overhead transmitting and distributing electric circuit.

product details

3. Type ,Name and Conditions for Application

For AL twisted wire and ACSR-type, name and conditions for application, see Table 1.

TypeNameConditions for ApplicationRemarks
JLAL twisted wireUsed in ordinary distributing circuit with small stress and relatively small span
JL/G1A, JL/G1BJL/G2A, JL/G2BJL/G3AACSRHigh voltage or super – high voltage large stress and large span transmitting and distributing circuitNot allowed to touch trees
JL/G1AFJL/G2AFJL/G3AFAnti-corrosionACSRHigh voltage and super – high voltage or ordinary transmitting and distributing circuit in coastal saltwater lake or environment containing salt, earth, sand and other corrosives

4. Diagram of Structures


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