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Combustion-Retardant Wire&Cable Serial Products

  • Combustion-Retardant Wire&Cable Serial Products

Combustion-Retardant Wire&Cable Serial Products

1. Product Standard

Enterprise standard. At the same time ,apart from implementing IEC 332 for combustion retardant characteristics, products also adopt state standard ( GB/T) for non-combustion-resisting type equivalent to the products.

For example: Combustion-retardant power cable adopts equivalent standard GB/T 12706-2008.

Combustion – retardant installing wire and cable adopts equivalent standard GB/T 5023-2008 .

2. Usage

This product is suitable for use in all places using non-combustion-retardant type power cable , electrical equipment-use wire and cable and all corresponding products and at the same time requires combustion-retardant environment and conditions.

product details

3. Property for Use

a. Rated voltage (U0/U), from 300/300 KV to 2

6/35 KV AC-cording to different kinds of product series .

b. The max. work temperature of cable for a long period are : 70℃,90℃ and 105℃ .

c. For short circuit( 5S) , the max. work temperature of conductor does not exceed 160 ℃ for 70 ℃ : 250℃ for 90℃.

d. The temperature for laying cable is not less than 0℃.

e. Cable bend radius implements corresponding non-combustion . Retardant cable standard stipulation.

f. Combustion – retardant characteristics can be divided into categories A and C(Category B is not recommended) .

α. ZRC-type combustion. Retardant cable is used in general combustion. Retardant places requiring IEC 332-3C category.

β. ZRA-type combustion . Retardant cable is used in combustion-retardant places requiring relatively harsh IEC 332-

3A category.

γ. Single cable should reach the requirement of IEC332-1(2) non-burning , that is , self – extinguishing nature . Multi- cable or a bundle of cable will only burn in a certain scope after reaching the IEC 332-3 standard and will extinguish itself.

4. Type and Specification

For cable types, see Table 1 ( The types in the Table are representatives of each kind. ) 

TypeRated VoltageNameScope of Application
ZRA(C)-VVZRA(C) - VLV220.6/1 KVCopper core PVC insulated combustion-retardant power cable Aluminium core PVC insulted combustion-retardant power cableNuclear power station , underground railway, telecommunications station , high rises, petroleum, metallurgy, power plant , military installations, tunnel, etc.
ZRA(C)-YJYZRA(C) - YJLV220.6~8.7/10 KVCopper  XLPE insulated PE sheathed combustion-retardant power cableAluminium core XLPE insulated PVC sheathed , armored combustion-retardant power cable
ZRA(C)-KVV ZRA(C)-KVVRZRA(C)- KVVP22 450/750 VCopper core PVC insulated combustion-retardant control cableCopper core PVC insulated combustion-retardant control soft cableCopper core PV insulated , metal screened , armored combustion- retardant control cable 

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