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What Is The Difference Between The XLPE Insulated Cable And PVC?

Oct. 11, 2018

Once we must select a sort of Low voltage (0.6/ / 1kv ) Cables at a job, usually we need to make a determination between the PVC insulated cable and XLPE Insulated Cable, so as to create the ideal option, you have to be aware of the differences between the 2 types most well-known cables.

So let's see the differences in the following aspects:

1.Maximum working temperature of conductor: PVC Insulated Cable is 70 Centigrade, XLPE insulated Cable is 90 Centigrade.

2.Maximum brief (lasting less than 5 minutes ) temperature: PVC insulated Cable is 160 Centigrade, XLPE Insulated Power Cable is 250 Centigrade.

3.Service Existence: Normally, the XLPE insulated cable is More than PVC insulated cable.

4.Cost: Normally, the XLPE insulated cable cost is greater than PVC insulated cable.

5.Water Proof Performance in Application Environment: PVC insulated cable Is Much Far Better Compared to the XLPE insulated cable.

6.Environment Protection facet: For XLPE isn't comprising chlorine that can release poisonous gases once burn off, therefore XLPE insulated Cable is environment friendly in comparison to PVC Insulated Power Cable.

7.Decision: In a long term, the XLPE insulated Cable is much far better than PVC insulated Cable, but the cost is a bit higher, but when we take all variables into consideration(like environment protection, support life, security and so forth ), XLPE insulated cable includes a higher cost-performance. 

XLPE Insulated Cable

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