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What Are The Differences Between Cable AAAC And ACSR?

Oct. 24, 2018

The biggest difference between AAAC and ACSR Cable are the materials they're constructed from. AAAC consists of an aluminum metal whilst ACSR contains a combination of aluminum reinforced with steel.

ACSR Cable Manufacturer tell you the next element that distinguishes the Power Cable is that their immunity to rust, which can be very important to the wellbeing of this Power Cable. ACSR includes a weaker resistance to rust, as it contains metal, that can be susceptible to rust. AAAC has a much better corrosion resistance, because of the simple fact that they're mostly or totally aluminum. Within a ACSR the galvanized steel center conveys the mechanical load and the high purity aluminum conveys the present. These use the reduced thermal expansion coefficient of steel as opposed to aluminum, and the aluminum established conductors AAAC is not able to do.

If you still have a question about AAAC and Anti-corrosion ACSR Cable, you can view our web.

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