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Multi Factors Drive Demand For Global Fireproof Cable

Nov. 07, 2018

"At present, local regulations, special cables and macroeconomic environment have become the main driving force for the growth of demand for Fireproof Cable.” This is the Philippe Reddeep, the director of Inteje Wire and Cable, at the 2013 Asia High-end Wire and Cable Summit. Speaking about the development trend of fireproof cables.

In his speech, Phillips mentioned that there are three main factors in promoting the growth of  Fire Resistant Cables demand:

First of all, fire safety regulations such as product fire performance, Power Cable materials and construction are the main driving forces for the growth of fire protection cable demand.

Secondly, the special cables used in the renewable energy industry such as aerospace, motor vehicles, marine operations, nuclear power, etc., as well as the requirements for fire performance of Mining Cable are also the main driving force for the growth of demand for Fire Proof Power Cable.

Moreover, the macroeconomic environment of countries, such as GDP growth rate, fixed asset investment, and construction market development, are also the main factors affecting the growth of demand for fire protection cables.

Fire Resistant Cables Manufacturer tell you Fireproof wire is a general term for fireproof wire and cable. It is usually divided into two types: flame retardant wire and cable and fire resistant wire and cable.

Fireproof Cable

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