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Flexible Rubber Cable With High Quality

Oct. 19, 2018

The Flexible Rubber Cable are Utilized as Linking cables for air-conditioner, Electricity Setup, household appliances, Electrical tools, etc.

These Rubber Cable are intended to give top flexibility and possess the capability to withstand weather, oils/greases, mechanical and thermal stresses. Software include managing equipment, cellular power supplies, worksites, period and audio visual equipment, port regions and dams. Also for use in water and drainage therapy, cold environments and intense industrial environments. 

Flexible Rubber Sheathed Cable for mining functions AC rated voltage up to and including 6/10KV are acceptable for mining purposes power apparatus.

We insisted that pay sufficient attention to each client's request. We insist on our theory of"Great Excellent Outcomes Trust and Honesty Makes Success". We sincerely welcome you to contact us and see us. 

Rubber Cable

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