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Professional Mining Cable Manufacturer From China

Oct. 15, 2018

Huiyou Cable is a master provider of Mining Cable & Wire goods in China. For heavy duty use where maximum resistance to flex fatigue is demanded. Huiyou Cable Shares the breadth and depth of structures & forms can be found based on program needs: including portable mining equipment, cutters, loaders, conveyors, pumps and drills.

Mining Cable is a Fireproof Cable built to withstand lengthy time immersion or exposure to moisture to underground (direct burial) usage from the surroundings of a mine or tunnel. 

Our mining, drilling and tunnelling cable products are made to function in some of the harshest environments in the world. Equipment failure and the consequent downtime can be particularly expensive in a market that increasingly depends upon heavy duty machines and may, at the worst-case situation, be a threat to operational security. Our Power Cable are made to withstand mechanical pressure, oils, greases, water, even submersion. We provide Mine Rubber Cable for sale capable of securely operating in enclosed spaces, providing security to individuals and also the high-value equipment in case of fire by emitting low fumes and smoke. 

Mining Cable

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