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The Application Of XLPE Insulated Power Cable

Jan. 08, 2019

XLPE, Cross-linked polyethylene, has steady intermolecular bonds involving polyethylene particles made by thermochemical action, due to the presence of organic peroxide.

XLPE has the same electricl properties as the conventional polyethylene and as result of stable intermolecular bonds, has much better thermal and mechanical properties. This provides XLPE Insulated Power Cable to be used at maximum continuous conductor temperature of 90°C while conventional polyethylene insulated cables to be used at that of 75°C. Maximum overload conductor operating temperature is 130°C ( operating at the emergency overload temperature shall not exceed 100 hours per year). Maximum conductor short-circuit temperature is 250°C. This provides an important advantage in cable ratings and is of special significance in countries or situations where the ambient temperature is high and derating factors have to be applied.
APPLICATION of Silane XLPE Insulated Power Cable
XLPE-insulated cables can be used for nearly all installations : in the ground, in cable ducts, indoors, in power stations, in industrial plants , in switching stations. Thanks to their better thermal characteristics they are particularly recommended where :
- high ambient temperatures exict
- cables are exposed to the sun
- cables are laid in ducts in a concrete block
- cables are grouped
- high emergency loads are important
- high short-circuit currents are required
- high earth leakage currents have to be transmitted by the screens

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XLPE Insulated Power Cable

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