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What Are The Cables For Overhead Insulated Cables ?

Dec. 12, 2018

The Overhead Insulated Cable is an overhead conductor with an insulating layer and a protective sheath. It is a special cable manufactured similarly to the cross-linked cable production process and is a new transmission method between the overhead conductor and the underground cable .The Insulated Overhead Cable is single-core, and can be divided into hard aluminum wire structure, hard-drawn copper wire structure, aluminum alloy wire structure, steel core or aluminum alloy core support structure and self-supporting three-core structure according to their different structures. The core may be a hard aluminum or a hard copper wire or the like. It has the main features of high power supply reliability, good power supply safety, convenient erection and maintenance, and reasonable economy. The main technical parameters include weather resistance, insulation level, and inner and outer semi-conductive shielding layers. Overhead cables are widely used in power transmission at home and abroad. Do you know which cables it includes, and the professional Overhead Insulated Cable Supplier will give you a detailed introduction. Steel-cored aluminum stranded conductor XLPE Insulated Power Cable , mainly considering the line loss of the aluminum core wire.

Overhead Insulated Cables

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