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Causes Of Overheating Of The Cable 1

May. 14, 2019

As a Fire Resistant Cables Manufacturer, let's talk about the causes of cable overheating.When the cable conductor resistance does not meet the requirements, it will cause the cable to overheat during operation. When the voltage source is connected to the external load, the internal resistance is considered to be in series with the external load. When using, the internal resistance of the voltage source is required to be as small as possible. In the case of the same voltage and the same material, the better the material of the conductor, the smaller the resistance, and the power line is generally divided into copper-clad aluminum or oxygen-free copper.

According to the resistivity of the copper wire and the aluminum wire: at the same temperature, the resistivity of the copper wire is 0.0175 Ω, and the resistivity of the aluminum wire is 0.0294 Ω.

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