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What Are the Common Cable Faults?

Aug. 07, 2019

XLPE Insulated Power Cables are usually rope-like cables that are stranded from several or several sets of wires. Each set of wires is insulated from each other and often twisted around a center. The entire outer bread has a highly insulating cover.

Cables are materials used for power, communications, and related transmission purposes. There are no strict boundaries between "wires" and "cables." Generally, a product with a small number of cores, a small product diameter, and a simple structure is called a wire, a non-insulated wire is called a bare wire, and the other is called a cable; a conductor having a large cross-sectional area (greater than 6 square millimeters) is called a large wire. Small (less than or equal to 6 square millimeters) is called a small wire, and insulated wire is also called a wire. As a High Voltage Power Cable Supplier, let us explain the common cable faults.

Power Cable

Power Cable

Common faults on Power Cable lines include mechanical damage, insulation damage, insulation moisture, insulation aging deterioration, overvoltage, and cable overheating faults. When the above fault occurs on the line, the power supply of the faulty Power Cable should be cut off to find the fault point. The fault is inspected and analyzed, and then repaired and tested. The cut is cut off and the power is restored after the fault is eliminated.

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