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Considerations for Purchasing Cables

Jul. 29, 2019

High Voltage Power Cable Supplier to share with you the precautions for purchasing cables.

First, you should observe the appearance of the wires. The insulation (sheath) layer of the qualified product is soft, tough and flexible, and the surface layer is tight, smooth and free from roughness. If the plastic wrapping the wire is easily peeled off, there is a problem that the strength of the plastic is insufficient.

XLPE Insulated Power Cable

Second, look at the cross-section of the wire. The copper or aluminum core surface of a qualified product shall have a metallic luster, and the surface of the blackened copper or the whitish aluminum shall be oxidized.

Third, you should pay attention to the quality certificate when purchasing XLPE Insulated Power Cable. If the quality of the cable is acceptable, then the quality of the cable should also be tested and there will be no major problems.

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