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Reasonable Structural Design Of Flexible Fireproof Cable

Jan. 04, 2019

There is a very good cable in the Power Cable, that is, the flexible fireproof cable. This product is coated with a very high flexibility. Its fire performance is also very good, and its structure is also very good in the process of use. Stable below, this article is how we designed the structure of the product today.

The flexible Fireproof Cable is modified on the basis of the traditional cable structure and design, so that the product has been improved in the process structure, increasing the stability of his use and process, and it is a Very green products. The product is made with endless materials at the time of production, so it will not have any pollution when it is used. It is a very good, green product, and it can be better in the process of use. Reflecting its internal pressure characteristics, the bearing capacity is also very large, and the product is a jointless design, because the weight of this product is very light, so in the process of installation, his, laying method It is very simple and very convenient. At the same time, the Combustion-Retardant Cable has a very superior structure, design and perfect working principle, and has been recognized and used by many people.

Fireproof Cable

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