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The Development Of Fireproof Cables

Feb. 20, 2019

Fireproof Cable, the widely used fireproof cable at present is mainly composed of UL series flame retardant cable and flame retardant low smoke zero halogen cable. In the imported products mainly from the Americas and Europe, because the Fire Resistant Cables standards in the Americas and Europe are incompatible with each other, the fire prevention ideas are very different. Therefore, Party A and the design institute are in a passive state when selecting products, each with its own In the end, it is often chosen according to the actual situation of the funds.

Fireproof Cable

Through the joint efforts and publicity of the government, industry, engineering and production enterprises, the phenomenon of coexistence of high-end equipment and low-quality cables in the engineering system is becoming less and less, and the important role of fire-retardant cables in engineering use is becoming more and more important. The more you come, the more you really realize.

Future Fire Resistant Cables Manufacturer is not only limited to the simple provision of products at this stage, but also continue to extend the product chain while strengthening the service concept, providing users with a full range of compatible products, and for the correct and rational use of products. Provide full technical support and services, which will become the market development trend of fire retardant cable and cable industry.

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