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Differences Between Cable And Wire

Apr. 24, 2019

Everyone is familiar with wire and cable, but do you know the difference between wires and cables? As a China XLPE Insulated Cable Factory, let's talk about it.

1. The difference between materials:

The wire is used to carry a current conducting metal wire. There are various forms such as solid, stranded or foil braided. According to the insulation condition, it is divided into two categories: bare wire and insulated wire. The cable consists of one or more insulated conductors that are insulated from each other and placed in an insulated conductor formed in a sealed jacket. The protective cover layer can be added outside. The difference between the wire and the cable is that the wire is generally small in size and simple in structure, but sometimes the cable is classified into a generalized wire.

2. The difference in use:

Bare wires do not contain any wires that are insulated or protected. In addition to being used as a conductor for transmitting electrical energy and information, it can also be used to manufacture components and connecting wires for motors and appliances. Generally, copper, aluminum, copper alloy, and aluminum alloy are used. In addition, there are various insulated wires suitable for special requirements, such as low-voltage wires for automobiles, high-voltage ignition wires for automobiles, pilot wires for electrical appliances, aviation wires, and compensation wires. Cables are used to transmit, distribute, or transmit electrical signals. Cables can be classified into power cables, communication cables, and control cables according to their uses.

3. The difference in structure:

The difference between power cables and ordinary wires is mainly due to the large cable size and complicated structure. The cable is mainly composed of the following four groups. Conductor core: Made of high conductivity material. Insulation: The insulating material used as the cable should have high insulation resistance and high breakdown electric field strength. Cables are often classified by insulating materials.

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