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Do You Know Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Cable?

Jan. 22, 2019

Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Cable is a high power conductor that's also characterized by outstanding strength. The makeup of the conductor cable is quite unique -- it's outer strands made from aluminum due to its conductivity and fundamental strands made from steel. Steel is well known for its exceptional durability, hence it balances the lightweight and extremely flexible aluminum. So that its price might be an essential aspect to take into account.

Do you know Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Cable is ACSR Cable?

ACSR cable comes with a number of very important advantages. As professional ACSR Cable Manufacturer, we can tell you that acsr cable is stronger than other bare conductor.

The proportion of steel to aluminum can be individually selected and modified to correspond to the characteristics of the project. The conductive capacity and the conductor strength are the two factors used to determine the amount of each metal being used. If you want to know more Anti-corrosion ACSR Cable, you can learn more from here.

During using these 2 metals, ACSR wires include enhanced strength to weight ratio. They're the choice of taste for extended length, heavy loading software. The ACSR conductor may be utilized as a main or secondary supply cable, in addition to for overhead transmission.

ACSR Cable

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