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How to Prevent External Force Damage to Power Cables?

Sep. 16, 2019

External force damage accidents mainly occur in the cable line body. After the cable is damaged by an external force, due to the damage of the seal, sometimes the operation that needs a certain time will cause the operation resistance to fall due to the moisture intrusion. The existence of external power hazards poses a potential threat to the safe operation of the cable, has great harm, and is unpredictable and sudden, which brings certain unfavorable factors to the operation of the cable. As a China XLPE Insulated Cable Factory, let us explain the reasons for the external force failure of the cable line.

PVC Insulated Power Cable

PVC Insulated Power Cable

1) External causes

The construction environment is more complicated. Mechanized construction is becoming more and more common. It poses a greater threat to PVC Insulated Power Cable. It is often not yet started. It is only to clean up the site in advance, and it will cause external force accidents to smash the cable. This is also an important cause of PVC Insulated Power Cable external accident. the reason.

2) Internal reasons

The cable operation management has not been given enough attention. Many projects do not work carefully, the drawings are seriously lacking, and there are many hidden dangers in the line, which affects the safe operation of the cable. This is a very important factor causing external accidents.

The operation management is not strong, resulting in the insufficient assessment of the operational personnel, and there are no clear control measures, which makes the operation management work seem rather confusing. The relocation of the construction site cable was not timely enough, and the coordination was not effective. Due to the lack of coordination between the various departments, the work priorities were different, and the coordination was not well coordinated. A lot of opportunities for relocation and cable protection were missed. Such as 110KV Power Cable.

3) Other reasons

Another important reason for the difficulty of controlling external damage is the lack of strict and effective protection measures and management tools.

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