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How to Identify the Quality of Power Cable?

Sep. 20, 2019

As a High Voltage Power Cable Supplier, let's share with you two ways to judge the quality of Power Cable.

The first type is to look at the outer material of the wire; the standard temperature resistance of 80 degrees and 105 degrees of wire is generally semi-rigid PVC sheath (except for special lines). The surface is smooth, soft and hard, moderately tough, and resistant to bending (no cracks after 90-degree bending), and the external scent is weak; otherwise, the wire is made of secondary or tertiary material, and the surface is dark. With bubbles, poor toughness, no bending resistance (whitening and micro-cracking after 90-degree bending), and the outside is scented.

Power Cable

Power Cable

The second is to look at the color and texture of the conductor copper wire; the standard conductor copper wire generally uses multiple bare coppers or multi-strand tinned copper wire, the surface color is bright (bright copper color), good toughness is not torn, conductor resistance is small (For example, a sheath wire of 2*0.5 mm 2 is used, the resistance per kilometer is not more than 39 ohms); otherwise, the conductor with copper-clad aluminum is gray, brittle, easy to break (fired with a lighter, melted), electrical resistance and copper Conductors are more difficult to distinguish. The copper-clad steel has a golden yellow color and a high toughness (it is not easy to burn with a lighter), and the conductor resistance is large. The conductor color of copper-clad iron is gray brass color, poor toughness, easy to break, and large conductor resistance. The conductor of the copper-clad mud is dark in color, poor in toughness, easy to break (slipping by a lighter and burning in powder form), and the conductor resistance is unstable.

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