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Operation And Maintenance Of Overhead Insulated Cable

Apr. 02, 2019

As an Overhead Insulated Cable Supplier, let's talk about the operation and maintenance of the Overhead Insulated Cable.

1. Corrosion monitoring. Use special instruments to measure the surrounding soil around the line. If it belongs to the anode area, take appropriate measures to prevent electrolytic corrosion of the Overhead Insulated Cable sleeve. The soil around it or the soil filled with domestic garbage, the metal sleeve often undergoes chemical corrosion and microbial corrosion. According to the measured voltage value of the anode region, appropriate cathodic protection measures or drainage devices are selected.

2. Insulation supervision. According to the importance of each Overhead Insulated Cable, a preventive test plan is prepared to detect the weak links and eliminate the defects that may occur. Generally, after the preventive test, the external sheath is additionally subjected to a DC voltage test to detect and eliminate the defects of the outer sheath.

Overhead Insulated Cable

3. Load monitoring. Generally, the maximum current value is specified according to the cross-sectional area of the conductor, the type of insulation, etc., and the load current of the line or the electric sheath temperature is measured by various meters as a main load monitoring measure to prevent the insulation from exceeding the allowable maximum temperature and shortening the cable life.

4. Temperature monitoring. The temperature should be measured during the summer or at the maximum load. When measuring the temperature of the directly buried Overhead Insulated Cable, the temperature of the soil in the same section without other heat sources should be measured.

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