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Other Characteristics Worth Mentioning About ACSR Cable

Jan. 31, 2019

As Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Cable is involved, there are a couple additional technical specifications worth mentioning. ACSR cables have to either meet or exceed industry requirements per ASTM specifications.

The steel core can come in an array of varieties. These include standard, high and ultra-high strengths among others. Obviously, the strength of the steel core is needed to reinforce the cable and make it suitable for more challenging applications. Because its widely using and good advantage, there are many manufacturers do some bad things to insist on the low ACSR Cable price. So you must be care full.

Apart from the typical, ACSR cables, some ACSR Cable Manufacturer is capable of making those conductors in non-standard designs.

Trapezoidal-shaped wires can be used in place of the standard round wire. The overall diameter is usually 10 to 15 percent smaller. Whenever space is a concern, a trapezoidal-shaped ACSR cable would be the option of preference.

Self-damping aluminum conductor steel reinforced cables have been quite popular in the past but they have become nearly obsolete today. Such shapes are rarely used in modern installations. This cable consists of a steel core and one or two layers of trapezoidal aluminum fibers. This design allows for a reduction in the maximum sag and in the diameter for any given AC resistance.

Twisted pair ACSR Cable feature two twisted pairs of sub-conductors. This design reduces the risk of wind and ice galloping. The amplitude of Aeolian vibration is also brought down. The final option is aluminum-conductor steel supported (ACSS) cable. It looks exactly the same as ACSR cables but the difference stems from fully annealed aluminum on top of the steel core. Above all, you can find the acsr conductor is better than the any aluminum alloy conductor in the aaac conductor catalogue.

ACSR Cable

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