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Precautions For Power Cable Maintenance

Apr. 19, 2019

As a China XLPE Insulated Cable Factory, we have the following recommendations for power cable overhaul. As a part of the power line, the power cable is widely used due to its low probability of failure, safety and reliability, and flexible outlet. If it fails, the maintenance is difficult and the danger is high., special attention should be paid during maintenance and testing.

The cable to be repaired must be confirmed during work. The cables to be repaired can be divided into two types:

A cable with a terminal failure and a significant fault point on the surface of the cable body. Such faulty cables have obvious signs of failure and are easy to confirm.

There are no cables on the cable surface that expose the point of failure. For such faulty cables, in addition to checking the data and verifying the cable name, it must also be identified by the cable identifier to distinguish it from other live cables in operation At the same time, this can effectively prevent the cable from being mistaken due to the wrong The sawed cable must have reliable safety measures. Before sawing the cable, it must be confirmed that the cable needs to be cut and the cable is not powered. Then, the grounded cable with a wooden handle (preferably with an epoxy handle) is inserted into the cable core before it can work. Persons holding wooden handles should wear insulated gloves and stand on The insulating mats. Special care should be taken to ensure that the iron is well grounded.

The cable head must be installed according to the process requirements to ensure quality without leaving hidden dangers. After the cable is repaired, the phase of The cable should be carefully checked. First remove the original phase color mark and then put the correct phase color mark to prevent confusion between the old and new colors.

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