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How to Prevent Wires and Cables from Catching Fire Due to Overload?

Jun. 29, 2019

Wire and cable refer to materials used for electrical, electrical and related transmission purposes. Wire and cable are very easy to heat and overload. So how do you prevent the wires and cables from catching fire due to overload? As a High Voltage Power Cable Supplier, let us explain to you.

1. Guarantee the construction quality, especially the production quality of the cable head must strictly meet the requirements.

2. Conduct cable testing on a regular basis and immediately report any problems.

3. Install the fire alarm device to immediately find the fire and avoid the cable from catching fire.

4. The cable trench should be kept dry to prevent the cable from getting wet, causing the insulation to drop and causing a short circuit.

5. Enhance cable operation monitoring to avoid overloading the cable.

XLPE Insulated Power Cable

6. Regularly clean the dust accumulated on the XLPE Insulated Power Cable to prevent the cable from catching fire caused by the self-ignition of the accumulated dust.

7. Enhance the periodic calibration maintenance of the cable circuit switch and protection to ensure reliable operation.

8. Keep a sufficient distance from the heat pipe when laying the cable, control cable ≥ 0.5 m; power cable ≥ 1m. The control cable and the power cable should be slotted, layered and separated, and cannot be overlapped between layers.

9. Equipped with the necessary fire fighting equipment and facilities. Overhead cables can be fired with commonly used fire-fighting equipment, but automatic or remote-controlled fire-extinguishing devices should be installed in the Insulated Power Cable sandwich, shaft, channel, and tunnel.

10. Take fire and flame retardant measures.

The fire retardant measures of the cable are: (1) Applying a fireproof coating on the surface of the cable. (2) Wrap the part of the cable that needs to be flameproof with a fireproof strap.

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