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What is the reason for the short life of Wire and Cable?

Oct. 29, 2019

  As a Power Cable Company, there is some information to share with you. The wire and cable industry is the second largest industry in China after the automotive industry. The product variety satisfaction rate and domestic market share are over 90%. China is one of the most important cable product R&D and production bases in the world. Fire-Resistant Cable, high temperature and low temperature resistant, low inductance, low noise, green, low smoke, halogen-free, anti-ant anti-mouse, waterproof, moisture-proof, rubber cable, etc., a series of cable products with unique performance and special structure, and have Formed a certain productivity. With the continuous improvement of the security and system security requirements of the society, through the extensive publicity, promotion and collaboration of the government, industry, and enterprises, the special cable products with high performance, high efficiency and safety will surely be like the developed countries in the West. Widely used in industrial systems.

Fire-Resistant Cable

Fire-Resistant Cable

  Usually, the regular brand of wire and cable has a long service life, and it can achieve better use without special maintenance and maintenance. If the quality of the wire and cable purchased by yourself is very poor, there will often be problems and safety hazards. It is because of the following reasons that it is recommended to fully understand these reasons and avoid various accidents.

  1, blindly greedy cheap

  Many people buy wire and cable are more concerned about price positioning, usually, are willing to choose a cheap price, it seems that the wire and cable are similar, it is better to choose some low prices, blindly cheaper will definitely affect the wire and cable The quality of use, the so-called one penny of goods, I believe everyone understands this truth, buy wire and cable is such an important material, do not seek cheap.

  2, choose the wrong model

  Wire and cable are available in different sizes and sizes. It needs to be judged according to environmental conditions and the needs of electrical appliances, as well as the direction of application. Only in this way can we choose the appropriate type and type of wire and cable, which will naturally achieve its functional advantages. Better standards, play a more important advantage in the actual use process, if you choose the wrong model will affect the normal use of the effect, and may even appear in many dangerous situations.

  If the quality of the wire and cable is very bad, there will always be a quality hazard in the actual application process, which will cause great safety risks to the family life and the working environment, the stability of the circuit will be greatly affected, and even a fire may occur. Such as serious problems, it is recommended not to blindly cheap, to choose the high-quality wire and cable to meet the needs of users.

  What causes cable aging, so how to determine the aging of the wire?

  1. Check if the current leaks and the short circuit catches fire;

  2. Whether the insulation has cracked or cracked;

  3. Whether the contact resistance becomes large and the joint is hot.

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