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What Are the Requirements for the Safety of Buried Cable?

Aug. 13, 2019

High Voltage Power Cable Supplier believes that the safety requirements for buried cable lines are:

1. When the cable lines cross each other, the high voltage cable should be below the low voltage cable. If one of the cables is protected by a pipe within 1 m before and after the intersection or separated by a partition, the minimum allowable distance is 0.25 m.

2. When the XLPE Insulated Power Cable is close to or crosses the heat pipe if there is insulation, the minimum distance between parallel and cross is 0.5m and 0.25m respectively.

3. When the cable crosses the railway or the road, it should be protected by a pipe. The protection pipe should extend beyond the track or the road surface by 2m.

PVC Insulated Cables

PVC Insulated Cables

4. The distance between the cable and the building foundation should ensure that the cable is buried outside the building's scattered water; when the cable is introduced into the building, the pipe should be protected, and the protective pipe should be outside the building's scattered water.

5. The distance between the PVC Insulated Cables directly buried in the ground and the grounding of the general grounding device should be 0.25~0.5m; the buried depth of the cable buried directly in the ground should not be less than 0.7m and should be buried under the frozen soil layer.

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