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What Is The Difference Between A Combustion-Retardant Cable And A Fire-resistant Cable?

Nov. 26, 2018

What is the difference between a Combustion-Retardant Cable and a fire-resistant cable? It's easy to confuse the idea of fire retardant and Fire-resistant Cable, even though the fire retardant cable has numerous benefits more acceptable for chemical businesses, such as non light, low smoke,and fire retardant, but generally speaking, fireproof cables may substitute flame-retardant cable, fire retardant cable and cannot replace the cable that is overburdened.

A Fire Resistant Cables is a cable that may keep a secure operation for a particular period in the status of fire burning. Some people today consider that's not burning resistant cable and cable, cable isn't really fire burning, Fireproof Cable is in the time of this flame, nevertheless can guarantee that the standard electric line in a specific time, it's in certain combustion terms; inside a particular length of time, regular transmission may transmit various control signs, alarm the sign, light, fire alarm apparatus, and other emergency gear to electricity in time, the saving function is ordinary.

The difference between the Fire retardant cable along with Also the fire-resistant cable is Largely:

1. The difference of principle

2. The difference between structure and material

Combustion-Retardant Cable

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