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What Is The Difference Between Single Core And Multi-core Cables?

Mar. 08, 2019

A Single-core Cable is a cylindrical strand of metal. In single core cable there's just a single core of metal is present, mainly copper or aluminum. These wires are available in different thickness and gauges.

Single-core Cable

Use for Domestic purpose

Single-core Power Cable is frequently used Domestic intent. They are primarily utilized in electric appliances, these cables can have a fantastic load that's the reason why they are more favored in domestic applications.

 Can handle high temperature
 Single core cables are very high ambient wires; these cables are a good conductor of electricity as well as heat. These cannot melt or burn easily.

Multi core cables
Multi-core Cable is cables, which contains more than one core in the cable. These are flexible cables which are widely used for electric purpose, these cables are professionally made with good quality.

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