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The Best Solution For Cable Water Intake

Jun. 11, 2019

Cable water is also a very common power cable failure. How do you solve the problem when the cable enters the water? It is a cumbersome thing to have water in the cable. So far, there is no particularly effective way to solve it, either to make a middle joint or to change the cable. As a Fireproof Cable Supplier, we generally take a precautionary approach to the situation where there is water in the cable.

1. After the cable is laid, the cable head is made in time, and the wiring is completed, and the hidden danger is eliminated in the bud.

2. If only the two ends of the cable are filled with water, just cut off the ends of the cable and re-wire the cable ends.

3. If the cable has a significant water inlet point, the cable needs to be cut off near the water inlet point for intermediate joint fabrication.

4. There is inevitably water in the outdoor cable well or cable channel. Try to fix the cable with the bracket height.

5. The special internal hot air is used for the internal pressure drying of the cable. Generally, there is no such professional equipment.

6. Regularly perform a pressure drop test on the cable to ensure that the cable is in good condition.

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