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What Is The Technical Standards Of ACSR Cable?

Jan. 29, 2019

ACSR Cable includes lots of essential benefits. As specialist ACSR Cable Manufacturer , we could inform you acsr cable is more powerful compared to any bare conductor.

The proportion of steel to aluminum can be individually selected and modified to correspond to the characteristics of the project. The conductive capacity and the conductor strength are the two factors used to determine the amount of each metal being used. If you want to know more ACSR Cable , you can learn more from here.

Through the use of the two metals, ACSR cables come with improved strength to weight ratio. They are the choice of preference for long span, heavy load applications. The ACSR conductor can be used as a primary or secondary distribution cable, as well as for overhead transmission.

Several technical standards apply as far as Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Cable is concerned. Meanwhile, the acsr producing need according to the standard acsr wire sizes.

A few other technical standards worth mentioning include B-500 zinc-coated ACSR with aluminized steel core and B-502 – aluminum-clad, steel reinforced conductor. B-230 is an extra-hard wire. It is primarily utilized for electrical purposes. The next option is B-232. This is a concentric-lay-stranded aluminum conductor that is made from round aluminum wires and a round, coated core of steel. The next variety is B-498 – a zinc-coated wire with a steel core. The zinc coating is primarily needed for the additional mechanical reinforcement of the Anti-corrosion ACSR Cable.

ACSR Cable

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