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How To Prevent Turning Damage Of Power Cables?

Apr. 16, 2019

As a China XLPE Insulated Cable Factory, let's talk about how to prevent cornering damage to power cables.

Due to the large outer diameter of PVC Insulated Power Cable, transportation laying is difficult, and the requirements for turning radius of power cables are also strict. If the turning angle of the power cable is too large during the construction, the inside of the conductor may be mechanically damaged, and the mechanical damage may not be seen due to being covered by the cable insulation layer, and it is difficult to find the defect even if the measurement loop resistance insulation and leakage test are performed. During operation, the cable is overheated at the damaged location to reduce the insulation strength of the cable until a fault occurs.

PVC Insulated Power Cable

We have found that the cause of multiple cable head failures is that the length of the three cable heads is the same when the cable head is made. When the cable is connected to the device, the root of the arch cable is damaged due to the length of the middle cable. After the discharge, measures are taken according to the connection of different equipments, and the connection length of the middle phase cable head is appropriately shortened so that the three-phase cable head is free from external force. Practice has proved that the operation is good. It can be seen that during the cable construction process, the torque received by the cable should be reduced as much as possible. When the PVC Insulated Power Cable turns and the cable is reserved, the cable is naturally bent to prevent internal mechanical damage.

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