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Help You Understand The Fire Resistant Cables

Mar. 04, 2019

As Cable supplier we also supply Fire Resistant Cables: cables that can withstand extremely high temperatures, mainly created from silicon. Huiyou Cable offers a wide range of Fireproof Cable and all kinds of Power Cable.

On request, we can even produce cables which can reliably withstand a  maximum temperature of 1550 ° C  over longer periods of time.

Help You Understand The Fire Resistant Cables

Flexible Rubber Cables are resistant to:

thermal shock

friction wear

varied inflections

moisture and hydrocarbon

Moreover, they are hydrophobic (water repellent), flexible and highly durable, and they have a very good dielectric strength.

The new production procedures have made it feasible to make a more flexible and bigger cable compared to a traditional flame resistant cable. For the first time in the building of a power cable, the specialized features required from the operators of this business also have been taken into consideration. Greater flexibility, exceptional fire resistance, reduced weight, low toxic and harmful gas emissions, indoor, outdoor and public areas,... are crucial features for the plant operator.

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