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Understanding Combustion-Retardant Cable And Fire Resistant Cable

Nov. 29, 2018

Do You understand Combustion-Retardant Cable And Fire Resistant Cable? Now, we will analyze the basic information for you.

The basic structure of the Combustion-Retardant Cable is: A fire retardant material is employed in the insulating coating, Flame-retardant substances are employed from the sheath and outer protective coating. Flame-retardant substances are used for filling and filling.

The Fire Resistant Cable generally adds 1 refractory layers between the coil and the insulating material layer, so theoretically, a fire-retardant and fire-resistant cable could be formed by including a refractory coating to the construction of this flame-retardant cable, but really, it's not vital.

Since the fireproof layer fireproof wires, usually using multilayer mica tape wrapped right on the cable. It's resistant for extended time combustion, although the fire of the decking was burnt, will guarantee the normal functioning of this line.

Now you know something about both types of cables. If you would like to understand more about Power Cable, please continue to pay attention to our site. 

Fire Resistant Cable

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