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What is Fire-Resistant Cable?

Oct. 18, 2019

  The wire and cable industry is the second largest industry in China after the automotive industry. The product variety satisfaction rate and domestic market share are over 90%. China is one of the most important cable product R&D and production bases in the world. Refractory, high temperature resistant, low temperature, low inductance, low noise, green, low smoke, halogen-free, anti-ant anti-mouse, waterproof and moisture-proof, Rubber Cable, etc. With the continuous improvement of the security and system security requirements of the society, through the extensive publicity, promotion and collaboration of the government, industry, and enterprises, the special cable products with high performance, high efficiency and safety will surely be like the developed countries in the West and widely used in industrial systems.

Fire-Resistant Cable

Fire-Resistant Cable

  In order to ensure the security of the data, people hope that after the fire, there will be enough time to return all the data before the entire network, and transfer them to a safe place to minimize the possibility of data loss. Therefore, in the standard of cable, there is also a type of fire protection standard called the "line integrity" standard. Its goal is that the cable can still keep the line open in the fire so that the power and information can still be transmitted normally. Therefore, the cable that meets the serial integrity requirements is also called the Fire-Resistant Cable.

  China's integrated wiring industry has grown in competition and has formed a certain scale after decades of development. Under the impetus of global economic integration, there will inevitably be leading enterprises among different products in the industry, and industrial concentration will continue to increase. Only when industry concentration occurs in the industry, and leading enterprises emerge, the industry can establish a common development concept. In order to avoid low-quality and low-end unfair competition, enterprises can consider the most basic survival considerations and enter into the most important aspects of scientific management, core technology, and core products to promote the healthy development of the industry. The chaotic competition of large and small cable manufacturers, the lack of technical strength and the scale of funds in the industry will gradually end for the local interests and vicious competition.

  At present, China Fireproof Cable's leading enterprises have begun to show signs. The domestic fire-retardant cable market has formed a number of mainstream enterprises. Through continuous product extension and channel expansion, through continuous improvement of enterprise management and team building, whether it is In the influence of the brand or the overall improvement of product quality and service standards, it has been more and more accepted and affirmed by the industry and users. It is believed that with the continuous improvement of industrial concentration, as the scale of production of such enterprises continues to expand, the productivity generated by scale will be fully reflected in the market. Cost-effective products and standardized services will certainly occupy the cable market. The vast majority of the share.

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