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XLPE Insulated Power Cable

  • XLPE Insulated Power Cable
  • XLPE Insulated Power Cable
  • XLPE Insulated Power Cable

XLPE Insulated Power Cable

1. Brief introduction to XLPE insulated Power Cable

Since the 1960’s, China has made rapid progress in its XLPE cable, replacing the oil paper insulated power cable, because of its outstanding electricity property , good overload , high voltage , large transmission capacity , light weight and laying without drop limit, vertical laying, convenient installation and operation maintenance and other strong points , XLPE cable can not only be widely used in 35 KV and below medium and ow voltage scope, but also largely used in 66, 110 and 220 KV high voltage transmission lines. And , in some developed industrial countries 500 KV super-high  voltage XLPE cables have been opened up. 

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2. Product Standard

Our factory produces XLPE cable according to state standard GB/T12706-2008 《Rated voltage 35 KV and below copper core and aluminium core plastic insulated power cable》 and GB11017-89 《Rated voltage 110 KV copper core and aluminium core XLPE insulated power cable》. The GB/T12706-2008 standard is equivalent to international standard IEC502-2004 《Rated voltage 1-30 KV plastic extruded and wrapped insulated power cable》. The GB11017-89 standard adopts international standard IEC 840-1988 《 Rated voltage 30 KV-150 KV extruded and wrapped insulated power cable experiment”.

Our factory cab also design and produce some XLPE cable for special requirements according to clients’ demand.

3. Property for Use

a. Max rated temperature of cable conductor is 90 ℃ .

b. For short circuit ( Maximum sustained time not exceeding 5s), maximum temperature of cable conductor not exceeding 250℃ .

4. Cable rated voltage selection :

Cable rated voltage should be suitable to the system voltage and operation conditions of used cable, expressed by U0/U(Um), all are effective value, unit is KV .

U0---Rated voltage between conductor for cable design and screen or metal sheath .

U ---Rated industrial frequency voltage between conductors for cable design.

Um---Maximum voltage of equipment(Maximum value of Maximum voltage or equipment system used).

5. For rated voltage of system cable, see Table1.

U0Category 1 Cable0.61.83.668.71218213664
Category 2 Cable0.63.668.71218-2648-

Note:  U0 is divided into two categories according to different sustained time for system’s earthing breakdown :

Category 1 – used in system with single phase earthing breakdown generally less than 1 min. each time ;Also used in lessthan8h, an accumulation of less than 125h in a year.

Categoy2 – used in system with earthing breakdown much longer ; And also used in places with relatively higher demand in cable insulation.

6. Type and Main Application of XLPE Cable

TYPEDescriptionMain Application
Cu coreAl core
YJV or YJYYJLV or YJLYXLPE insulated, PVC or PE sheathed power cableFor laying indoor, in tunnel, canal and underground. Unable to bear eternal mechanical forces, butbear the traction force during laying.
YJV22 or YJV23YJLV22 or YJLV23XLPE insulated, steel tape armored , PVC or PE sheathed power cableFor laying indoor, in tunnel , canal and underground. Able to bear external mechanical forces, but unable to bear strong pulling force.
YJV32 or YJV33YJLV32 or YJLV33XLPE insulated, fine steel wire armored, PVC or PE sheathed power cableFor laying in shaft , water under ground with big difference of level , able to bear external mechanical forces and moderate pulling force.
YJV42 or YJV43YJLV42 or YJLV43XLPE insulated ,thick steel wire armored, PVC or PE sheathed power cableFor laying in water and seabed, able to bear relatively high positive pressure and pulling force.
YJLW02YJLLW02XLPE insulated, crepe aluminium , waterproof PVC sheathed power cableFor use in damp environment and underground, relatively higher water level places, able to bear certain pressure.

7. Diagrams of MAIN XLPE Cable Structure



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